Christine König Galerie @ artmonte-carlo 2023

Booth 29 | Grimaldi Forum | Monte-Carlo | July 7th – 9th

Rebecca BRODSKIS | Adéla JANSKÁ | Radenko MILAK

Radenko MILAK, born in 1980 in Travnik, former Yugoslavia, lives and works in Banja Luka, Bosnia Herzegovina.
Milak´s very singular technique – using black ink watercolor on white surface – allows him to reach the very essence of an image and to use an aesthetic language that is profoundly unique. In the series Female Heroes, Milak explores the power and authorship of female activists, writers, artists and scientists, like Billie Holiday, Josephine Baker, Amanda Gorman, Halima Aden, Nadia Murad, a.o.

Adéla JANSKÁ, born in 1981 in Olomouc, Czechia studied in Slovakia (Bánska, Bystrica), lives and works in Olomouc.
Janská generates a space where the known dulls with the unknown, the sensation of a déjà vu is evoked. The paintings of the Untitled Series are not portraits, but rather depictions of collective female profiles. These glossy, porcelain-like masks blur the womens specific facial features, while intensifying the expressive contrasts between the unified faces and the surroundings of their virtuality. We notice the artist’s materiel references: Porcelain figurines and photographs from her personal collection.

Rebecca BRODSKIS, born in Paris in 1988, spent her childhood between France and Morocco, lives and works in Paris.
Brodskis describes herself as a figurative painter, nevertheless ‘with a twist’. Brodskis aim is on the one hand, to connect to specific representational traditions of the Global South, and on the other hand to lend artistic contours to her perception of the human figure as an endless landscape. In her pictures the artist uses impressions and moments from daily life. Brodskis is fascinated with the idea that art makes interzones, where everything is possible: Reality merges with imagination and opens the doors for a deeper introspection.