TIMEZONE curated by_ Giulia Ferracci

TIMEZONE explores the idea of fluid time, a “forever today” within which history does not manifest itself in a fixed manner but is rather subject to changes and can live in the present by way of new meanings. A perspective told through the eyes of the artists selected for this exhibition at the Christine König Galerie. Each of them reflects on the relationship between history and present times through an imaginary dialogue with her/his origins – at times represented by the archetype of mythical icons, at times by a minor artistic tradition, at times by forgotten stories.
(Giulia Ferracci, 2016)


Curated by_, the name under which the Vienna festival of gallery openings is packaged, serves as a kind of art exhibition slam as well as a science slam or even a poetry slam. The ten minutes or so allotted to an appearance at the relevant events are about the same time that one devotes to visiting a gallery, at least on the evening of an opening. After this the one who scored best is determined.

So now first place goes to:

Galerie Christine with “Timezone” curated by Giulia Ferracci. A classic theme: the temporal expression of something that works in a space – like images.

Good positions: Jonathan Monk, always good for transcending the conceptual to a meta-level, gets the lights of a Vespa scooter to blink in a meticulously consistent sequence so that a principle of permutation with Sol Lewittian stringency emerges.

This time, Pierre Bismuth, who already is a cinematographic worker, has designed film posters in which a classic of an already older history of film merges with one from a younger history of art.

Claudia Losi places embroidered silk-clad balls, embellished with an appliqué resembling an eye, in the front show window, thereby alluding the poet Rilke: “then there is no spot that does not see you.”

H.H.LIM´s works still breathe a certain quality of Eastern philosophy. The visual objects he employs in his persuasive and very beautiful installation are not kept to a particular semantic meaning.

To sum up: it’s an exhibition curated the way it should be. A common thread, pieces that also work well on their own and an exercise in evidence. You understand what is meant and find yourself being almost bowled over.

(Rainer Metzger, 2016)