Third Room: RED BUCKET FILMS | buttons

RED BUCKET FILMS was born out of the curiosity and optimism that spilled when Josh and Benny Safdie met Alex Kalman in highschool. The three split up for college and found more friends – Sam Lisenco, Brett Jutkiewicz, Lola Sinreich, Zachary Treitz, and other souls who sometimes make up our motley crew of thinkers and doers. We push each others visions around. Red Bucket Films believes in poetic stumbles on those streets that we walk.
buttons: Short movies, made spontaneously, sometimes unknowingly, on pocket-sized cameras. They are like extra buttons at the bottom of the inseam of every shirt. Buttons are observations from the streets. Sketches for the brain. Uninhibited actions from lovers, lost ones, kids, the old, the naive, the smart, the noble, the bugs, the un-animated, and strangers.
A selection of buttons were played at Dali and Bunuel MoMA-Rooftop Film screening New York, 2008.