LEON GOLUB | Trans + Kaputt

Christine König bittet zur Präsentation der neuen Werke von
LEON GOLUB | Trans + Kaputt
am Donnerstag, dem 7. September 2000 um 19 Uhr.

LunchLectures: jeden Dienstag um 12.30 Uhr.
Hans-Ulrich Obrist präsentiert die gesammelten Schriften Golubs im Rahmen einer LunchLecture. Datum auf Anfrage.

In the last decade Leon Golub’s work has changed from the structured, confrontational images to public violence often associated with covert U.S. intrusions into other countries such as the Mercenary paintings and Interrogation paintings of the 1980s.
While the recent work often retains imagery or experiences related to the work of the 80s, content has changed and style and disposition of imagery has changed accordingly. While humans still retain varying dramatic presences, dogs and, on occasion, lions, cyborgs, etc. intrude and are active. They represent elements of chance, aggression, hints of science fiction, and a whole range of irregular and irritable circumstances – the curious rational/irrational information surfaces we wander within. 
“Trans” and “Kaputt” are such “landscapes.” Language both supports and contradicts the actions on these canvases. The language is sardonic, can be explicit, nasty or irrelevant.