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Text über den Künstler - English

TONI SCHMALE, born 1980 in Hamburg, lives and works in Vienna. She studied performative art and sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna with Monica Bonvicini. In 2011 she was awarded the Birgit Jürgenssen Prize and in 2013 the Prize of the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna. 

Whether performances, drawings, animations, videos, interventions in public space or significant dysfunctional sculptures – Toni Schmale’s works are profoundly subtle studies that formulate a radical criticism of the existing social power structures with their stereotypical constructions of gender and narratives. 

They are accompanied by ironic over-drawings that wittingly subvert being clearly classified. Fitness machines, torture instruments, sex toys are the transitional objects of desire – sculptural projection surfaces and transformers.  By identifying oneself with positions, stances, attitudes without reference to clichéd role images it is possible to break through boundaries. The imaginary body uninhibitedly deploys its power: object/subject  of desire, adversary or companion, SHE / HE / IT, top or bottom – in fantasy nothing loses control. The boundaries can be freely transformed, and so it is just the authority of the super-ego that must still be kept at bay.

(quoted from Christin Lahr, ngbk Berlin, 2015)

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