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SEPP AUER, born 1939 in Braunau, Upper Austria. Headed the ‘Meisterklasse’ of Sculpture 1994-97. Numerous public art projects. His works can be found in collections such as 21er Haus Wien; MAK Vienna; Albertina Vienna; Lentos, Linz; OÖ. Landesmuseum Linz; Generali Foundation Vienna/Salzburg.

An ongoing exploration of materiality and design possibilities – the artist comments ironically on modernism from a conceptual approach – is one of the main constants of Sepp Auer’s work. The quality of craftsmanship (he also has a solid training as locksmith) also plays a significant role.

His reluctance to give his works a title also clearly reflects the open dimension of his understanding of art. Allusions to various art movements such as minimal art or monochrome painting stake out his artistic ‘space’.His oeuvre also emphatically addresses the tension between image and sculpture. The “in your face” pieces (as the artist has described them himself) undermine and transform the static notion of sculpture. The unstable, provisional character is the defining aesthetic quality. Subverting artistic conventions of seeing is a further hallmark of Sepp Auer’s oeuvre and this is repeatedly accentuated by the inclusion of writing. Fusions, reversals, reflections are all part of his artistic play of deception.
(quoted from Carl Aigner)

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