Sislej Xhafa
Sislej Xhafa
Sislej Xhafa
112 pages with text by Adrienne Drake, Andi Tepelena and Cecila Tirelli
published by Hatje Cantz Publishers, 2006
ISBN 978-3775716857
Vicken Parsons
Your Light
pages with text by Annushka Shani, Iwona Blazwick
published by Christine König Galerie, Wien, 2005
ISBN 0-9547196-2-X
20 €
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Jimmie Durham
The Second Particle Wave Theory
79 pages with text by Jimmie Durham
published by Banff : Walter Phillips Gallery [u.a.], 2005
ISBN 978-1894773232
Bismuth Pierre Bismuth
Pierre Bismuth
Pierre Bismuth
207 pages with text by Raimar Stange and Thierry Davila
published by Flammarion, 2005
ISBN 978-2080305145
Sislej Xhafa
See no evilhear non evilspeak no evil.
2006 pages with text by Xhafa, Sislej
published by Mazzotta, 2004
ISBN 978-8820216726
Stanley Whitney o.T
Stanley Whitney
Stanley Whitney
30 pages with text by Raphael Rubinstein, Norma Cole
published by Christine König Galerie, Wien, 2003
ISBN 3-901319-07-7